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Why You Should Teach Your Child To Read At An Early Age

Childhood is wonderful. Childhood is a moment to play, grow and discover life. The knowledge and habits that people pick up as kids end up defining them when they grow up. All through life, people always relish in their childhood memories. One way to nurture kids is through books. It is good for kids to know how to read from a tender age. Here are some of the reasons why.

Brain Development

Children aged six years and below learn at a faster pace compared to any other age brackets.  Children are born with millions of active brain cells that help them to grasp different concepts and ideas quickly. This is the best time to teach them how to read, write or speak since they will learn faster and it will have a profound effect in their lives when they grow up. Learning at an early age sets a foundation for all the other learning processes that will come in the future.

Academic Success

Most children fail in school because they do not see the fun in reading. sportsshowcasesThey feel like they are being forced to do something they do not like nor enjoy. Teaching children to read at an early age will enable them to love and appreciate the knowledge gained through books. There are numerous interesting children’s books that will ignite a child’s passion and interest in learning about new things. This will ultimately help them to achieve academic success in the future.

Self – confidence

Bullying is a serious problem in schools nowadays. Many kids are being bullied because they feel inadequate due to lack of self-confidence. This may arise due to failing in class or being teased by others due to their inability to read. Early reading is a family exercise that brings children closer to their parents and helps build their self-confidence through a healthy parent-child relationship. Children are able to be more confident in themselves since they are always guided by their parents and they know that they can read even better than other children in school.

Language Development

The English language – and other languages in general – has a lot of elements that need to be learned in order to be mastered correctly. When kids begin reading at an early age, they get exposed to more reading materials that build their grammar, vocabulary and articulation. It also gives them plenty of time to master the language so that by the time they are teenagers, they already have a good grasp of the language and can communicate efficiently.

Character Development

People develop their character from a young age. The things that one sees, hears or does at a young age ultimately shape their character. character_profile_boyChildren’s literatures are full of fantasy characters that possess certain qualities that kids can learn from. Children books teach about self-confidence, being kind to others, being adventurous and other numerous good qualities that one would want a child to emulate.

The early bird catches the warmth. Kids who learn at an early age are more prone to be successful than their counterparts who wait to learn everything in school. Teaching a child to learn early exposes them to different forms of education and success at an early stage in life. These kids will end up being the first in everything in the long run.

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