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Importance Of Fiction In Literature

Literature and fiction go hand in hand. In fact, some of the best novels and books are all fiction. The bestselling novels of all time, Harry Potter are based on a fictional story. Fiction opens up a world of endless possibilities. Most readers prefer fictional books rather than reality. This begs the question, is reality that boring? Just how important is fiction in literature? Here are examples of how fiction benefits literature.

It Boosts Creativity

When a non-fiction novel is written, all its content is based on facts or realities that people witness in their daily lives. Therefore, any individual with good research and observational skills can write a non-fiction book.

Open book.

When it comes to fiction, a whole new outlook is required. Fiction stories require great creativity and imagination. Writers are able to transfer this imagination to the reader who in turn is able to fuel their own creativity and think outside the box.


Fiction is the main recipe for fun. Funny things rarely happen in people’s daily lives. Therefore, people need funny fictional stories that they can laugh to as they forget the troubles that they go through every single day. Fiction enables a writer to come up with funny scenes and scenarios that will captivate the reader and give them a reason to relax and enjoy life. Reading fiction is a good way for introverts to enjoy themselves without getting out of the house.

Vivid Description/Beauty

Most things have a simple definite description. Good use of fiction can however be used to give a vivid description of a certain element and bring out its true beauty. Fictions have a way of breathing new life into different things and bring out hidden beauty that is not easily recognized at first glance. A writer can describe a certain magical place; like Disneyland, using sweet metaphoric phrases and words till it paints a clear picture in the head of the reader  of just how magical and beautiful the place is.


The truth can only be well manifested through fiction. Jesus used parables in order to teach the disciples certain truths about the Kingdom of God. Fiction enables one to experience certain trutadobestock_88282716hs about life. Fiction takes a certain true idea and explains it in a way that the audience can digest and relate to. When certain facts do not make sense, imagination can be used to shed light on the fact and give it meaning that can only be understood but cannot be explained.

Better Writers

As pointed out earlier, when it comes to writing a non-fiction material, a good research can suffice. A good writer is determined by how well one can create a story or a whole new world out of nothing and explain it in detail as if it exists to the point where the reader is left wondering if the story is truly real or not.

The literature world thrives on fiction. Fiction opens up the world and people’s minds to a whole new world that has no limitations. Fiction forces people to expand their horizons and think way outside the box. Fiction may just be what literature was meant for.

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