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What is about literature that made you start expressing it?

Literature is really a good subject to look up as a hobby as it is helpful in teaching good morals for the rest of your life. Not only this, reading books open up the doors of imagination in your mind because you are to imagine every scenario in your mind and what gets more interesting is the fact that these imaginations will never be greyed out for you. Somewhere in your life when you or your fellow has to go through a situation, then you are there with good piece of advice. While this was just an angle look upon the advantages of reading, there is hell of a lot more you get to know when you read. It enhances your reading and writing skills and ultimately affect your expressing style positively.

What books you will be providing here to read?

You are going to find latest and upcoming books that are worth reading for the present year. We also will have same information for the past years which means the list of best books of previous years and so on. I would like to update the list of must reads of present year. As well as those books that have been longed for since long. The top lists that you got to read 801409-faq-titleclassified according to their respective genres and also with respect to the authors. These genres could range from college romance to extremely thrilling side. I also would be adding reviews on books published throughout the year with the details of its reception worldwide. Not only limited to novels but also the other books that have packed in themselves the history of ancient times or may be discussion on a particular subject or even a detailed explanation. In other words, you are going to find everything about books in here. Also some quality and inspirational work that was present in other languages but now has been translated for English readers as well. The nominations and awards a book has received due to its exquisite storyline and creative writing style.

What kind of books you chose to mention here? How you chose them? Or how they get a place in your lists?

My way is simple, I read the new book first and develop my own review on a book; then I look out for other reviews on the book and check my analysis. Then only if it suits enough, the book is added in to read lists else not. If there story line does not appeals me then that book is not going to be a part of list; appeal in sense that it would have the routine story and nothing unique in it. Secondly, a proper analysis is carried out before placing books in the top lists so that fans of each genre can get entertained and the list is not only for a specific group of people.