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5 Ways Shakespeare Influenced Literature

Shakespeare is undisputedly the greatest writer in history. He was truly a master of his craft. Everything he wrote is a masterpiece. Shakespeare understood the English language well and gave it new meaning. Most writers of our generation have cited him as having the biggest influence on their literal style. Shakespeare played a big role in influencing the way we view literature today. Here are just but a few examples.

New Age Writers

Shakespeare is the reason literature is still a big part of our lives today. 018glnseThrough the works of Shakespeare, many writers were able to come out and share their ideas with the world. Most of the writers in the world today are inspired by Shakespeare and they regularly reference his work in their novels or plays. Other great writers such as Charles Dickens, Herman Melville and William Faulkner were all influenced by Shakespeare.

New Vocabulary

One of Shakespeare’s biggest contributions is the introduction of numerous vocabularies and phrases which always end up being used widely and included in the dictionary. He was known to use heavy words that would put any English expert to shame. Phrases such as “full circle” and “a sorry sight” were first used by Shakespeare. These phrases later on gained popularity and are now used in normal conversation all over the world.


Many literal works are brought to life on Broadway. Shakespeare wrote more than a hundred and fifty plays which were performed on Broadway. He popularized Broadway so much until it crossed over to the mainstream broadway-sign-and-red-stop-light-in-new-york-city-at-night2media. Nowadays, there are numerous Broadway shows all over the world. Broadways have given rise to superstars such as Barbara Streisand who is regarded as the queen of Broadway. She has achieved massive musical success due to her works on stage.


Due to Shakespeare’s work on plays and Broadway, the literature world has crossed over to movies. More and more books and novels are constantly being turned into epic films. Shakespeare made art and literature come to life. The film industry is continuing this legacy and the result is a continuous supply of blockbusters and classic movies. Those who are not able to access the literature materials are now able to watch them in films and understand the whole concept even better.


Shakespeare has given rise to writers who are not afraid to stand out and be different. Shakespeare experimented with language and formulated nearly 1700 new words. He was not afraid of whether the words will be accepted or not. He wasn’t afraid to stand out and forge his own path. 4Many writers have followed this example and it has led them to great success. This applies to not only writers but to individuals as well. Many people are able to embrace their individuality thanks to Shakespeare.

Literature would be nothing by now without the influence of one William Shakespeare. He saw the need for change and he took it upon himself to act. He was not afraid to share his vision with the world and he ended up revolutionizing the English language forever.

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