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5 Must-Reads For 2016

Every single year, new books are written and published and they always manage to blow up our minds. This year is no different. More and more writers are expanding their horizons in order to create epic tales that will leave us all in awe. For the millions of book readers all across the globe, this year, here are 5 books that one must read.

Sweet bitter by Stephanie Danler

This is an epic story about a young girl called Tess. At the age of 22, this girl moves to New York with the hope of experiencing the world and satisfy her yearning for a sense of belonging. All she wanted was to have a good life and feel like she belonged somewhere. Luckily, she manages to get a good job at a restaurant. What follows next after that is a series of events that teaches her the true colors and reality about life. This book has a story that each and every young ambitious youth can relate to as they pursue they life’s purpose.

Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett


This book teaches people about pain. This book is a story about a family that struggles with mental illness. Michael is a troubled kid who inherits mental illness from his father who apparently committed suicide. Michael’s mother and siblings struggle to take care of him in an epic emotional rollercoaster riddled with acts of love and faith. The story shows how painful life can be. The story relates to every single person since everyone goes through pain at certain points in their lives.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi

This book is a collection of beautiful stories that boggle the mind and shifts a person’s way of thinking. Each single story portrays a different perspective of life. One may think that they have the writer figured out in the first story “Books and Roses” but on reading the second tale ”Sorry Doesn’t Sweeten Her Tea”, their whole view of the book shifts upside down. This collection of stories shows people that it is important to look at life from different angles in order to understand it better.

Thus Bad Begins by Javier Marias

javier-marias-thus-bad-begins-2016Everybody loves a love story. However, this is not a positive one. This is a story about a dark marriage and a young employee caught between it. Muriel and his wife Beatriz are a troubled couple. Muriel is very hostile to his wife and they fight every single time. Juan, Muriel’s young assistant ends up getting caught in the drama since he had gotten close to the family. The rest of the story is full of astonishing twists and turns.

Zero K by Don Delillo

Ross is a billionaire in his sixties and is worried about his ailing wife, Artis. Among Ross’s investments is a secret facility for preserving dead bodies with the hope of discovering a new technology to bring them back to life. Ross hopes that this facility will help him restore his wife who is going to kick the bucket soon. He joins forces with his son Jeffery who believes in the sanctity of life and utilizing the time that we have now.

In a world where people and constantly busy and speeding through life, one needs to slow down and read a book or two. Books help to shape our mindset. They help us to understand that life has so many different dimensions. Books can give us solutions to some of life’s biggest mysteries.

Hey there! You are at the prefect place if you have love for books and the literature because this is going to be your first and last stop to checkout latest and upcoming books that are worth reading for the present year. We also will have same information for the past years which means the list of best books of previous years and so on. Literature is really a good subject to look up as a hobby as it is helpful in teaching good morals for the rest of your life.
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