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5 Epic Children’s Books

Kids are the future torch-bearers of our generation. They need to be molded and nurtured from an early age. One of the best ways to nurture children is through books. Books contain a vast array of knowledge which can help children grow up into mature responsible adults in the future. Here are a few books that are good for children.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter book series is known to be the bestselling book series in history. With sales of over 400 million copies, it is the most widely-read children’s book. It was also adapted into film and it went on to gross millions of dollars all across the globe. Harry Potter is a fantasy story that will leave any child at the edge of their seats. Harry Potter centers on kids in a mystical land with extraordinary witch powers. This book helps kids to expand their imagination and enhance their thinking.


This is a classic story for kids. The book centers on Matilda, a small girl with a genius mind. Matilda teaches herself how to read. She starts with regular children’s books and eventually moves to adult’s books. Matilda is however misunderstood by her parents who do not realize that she has a gift. She catches the eye of a certain teacher in school who understands her but then ends up facing the wrath of their fierce head teacher. Matilda is a story about being different and accepting oneself. It is a good lesson for kids.

The Adventures of Tin Tin

All kids love adventure. Tin Tin is a young detective who travels the world to solve different mysteries. All of Tin Tin missions are thrilling and hilarious at the same time. This book tells crime stories in a humorous, child-friendly way that is able to capture the attention of any reader regardless of age. Tin Tin is usually accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy and other recurring characters that appear from time to time such as Captain Haddock. This book is sure to ignite any kid’s spirit for adventure.

The Hobbit

81445a8c-e12d-4ba7-9e66-fbcfe7fdd590This is another book which centers on adventure. Bilbo Baggins is an introverted hobbit who loves a quiet life free from any form of drama. All this changes when he meets Gandalf, a very powerful wizard who convinces him to go on a very dangerous but exciting journey to steal gold from Smaug, the giant ruthless dragon. Bilbo finds himself in the gold-raiding expedition and what follows next is a series of endless adventures full of songs, magic and humor. This is a story about busting out of one’s bubble, getting out of one’s comfort zone and experiencing all the adventures that life offers.


The BFG stands for The Big Friendly Giant. This is the story of Sophie, an orphan who is taken by the BFG to the land of giants who eat children. The BFG protects little Sophie from other mean giants as they go on an adventure of a lifetime. Sophie is amazed by the adventures found in the land of giants.

Some of the best selling and most popular books are children books. Most books that people read as children end up shaping their view of life when they grow older. Books open up a gateway to a life of endless possibilities.

Hey there! You are at the prefect place if you have love for books and the literature because this is going to be your first and last stop to checkout latest and upcoming books that are worth reading for the present year. We also will have same information for the past years which means the list of best books of previous years and so on. Literature is really a good subject to look up as a hobby as it is helpful in teaching good morals for the rest of your life.
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